The Perfect Prefab

Meet: The Perfect Prefab.

If you put a gun to my head, I would probably guess that you really love looking at everyone else’s websites (It’s gotten creepy).

You’ve been DIYing for what seems like forever (and forever might even just be a few weeks, right?)

Because nothing blows more than having a great vision in your head, and never being able to come close in creating that yourself (or, uh, not even having a vision for your brand at all).

Grab the wine and relax:

’cause that is so my wheelhouse.

The Perfect Prefab is my little brand brain baby. I put together this package so my people (hi. that’s you me thinks) could have a custom designed brand matched up with a custom layout of their choice, while keeping it piggy bank friendly plus built so you can keep adding on as your grow.

Kinda’ like one of those chia pets (holler 80’s kids!) (but less weird).



  • Custom Graphics
  • Facebook "like" box
  • Scrolling testimonials
  • Twitter Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Recent/Popular Posts



  • Google Analytics
  • Spam blockers
  • Backup Systems
  • Coming Soon page



Perfect Prefab PRICE + BOOK

Like I’d leave you hangin’? You’ve got support:


Have a site up and running in 2 weeks, flat.

3 Payments of $649


Perfect Prefab Q&A

You got Q’s + I got A’s


What platform do you build these sites on?

Talk to me about the email sign up areas!

Is copy insertion included?

What do I need to have ready before we begin?

Do all the pages of my website look the same?

What if I want more than what's included in this package?

Will I be able to edit the site myself?




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Currently fully booked for the first half of 2017! Get in touch about future availability.